Philly Comedic Greats – Who’s got Next? Comedian Malcolm Hill!


Comedian Malcolm Hill is the hardest working & funniest comedic host in Philly. He has worked with the likes of the super celeb Kevin Hart and funny man Michael Blackson, Hill is poised for his turn on the big stage.

by Kyle McIver

As a hot, young comic, exploring the Philly comedy scene, late nights in smoke-filled spaces like the Laff House, Punchline, Helium, and Warm Daddy’s, Malcolm killed sets on par with some of today’s greats. From disrupting classrooms at West Philly’s Overbrook H.S. with Will Smith, to going back to back with future greats, Kevin Hart and Michael “muddasucka” Blackson, Malcolm perfected his craft as a comic’s comic and a true journeyman in the game. Back then, most thought he would go to Hollywood before Hart or Blackson.

“We were all doing shows and trying to get on stage at different clubs,” he reminisced. “I remember, I’d have to go to work in the morning…But Kevin would be at every spot trying to do as many sets as possible,” he continued.  At the time “I was funnier than kevin, but the truth is he worked harder than me.” It was an early lesson learned when he saw – of all things – 2004’s “Soul Plane”. Seeing one of your own make it to a feature film is incredibly inspiring. And it ignited a fire in Hill to make his mark in entertainment.


Any true comic will tell you that it’s about paying dues and tribute to those who came before. Comedian Malcolm Hill, whose favorite comedians are Talent and Mike Epps has opened for greats such as  Corey Holcomb, Smokey, Joe Torry, Talent and even the multi-talented Tommy Davidson and comedic genius, Paul Mooney. He has also hosted the Philly Apollo and performed at  Parx Casino.  And after acting in a few independent films and being nominated for “Comedian of the year” for the Philly Hip-Hop Awards, Malcolm is ready to take the world by storm and his show worldwide. You can find Malcolm hosting Philadelphia’s #1 selling monthly comedy show “COMEDY ON THE WATERFRONT” for the past 8-years, and doing shows all over the region.  He’s even the featured host for The Largest Girls Trip At Sea, The S.I.S.T.E.R.S. Cruise!!!

So if you see him on the ticket, come out and laugh ’til you cry!!

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Comedian Malcolm Hill



July 8, 2021

Pennsylvania, July 8, 2021 /ParadigmShft.blog/——-It has been announced that The Prince of Philly, Comedian Malcolm Hill, will perform at THE MET PHILLY for the Laugh Out Loud Sundays Comedy Show!

 The Pandemic was hard for everyone, especially, comedians who make their living doing live shows in front of hundreds of people. Prior to the world shutting down Comedian Malcolm Hill’s career was on the rise,   Known as the hardest working & funniest comedic host in Philly, he was poised for his turn on the big stage following in the footsteps of Philly Comedian Heavy weights like Kevin Hart & Michael Blackson!

The Prince of Philly is not called the hardest working comedic host in Philly for nothing, When many people lost their jobs and the world shut down, Comedian Malcolm Hill created two Live Online shows ‘ The Hill-Arious Show & The Conversation!!!

The Hill-Arious show is co-hosted by Philly native Nate and produced by Ron G. The show airs every Thursday at 7 pm EST. on FB Live @MalcolmHill. The Hill-Arious show not only gave Comedian Malcolm Hill a platform to keep in touch with his audience during the shutdown, but it also gave his fellow comedians  nationwide  a platform and voice to share how they were making out during the Covid-19 crisis. Whereas ‘The Hill-Arious Show’ gives a voice to comedians. The ‘The Conversation,’ which airs on Instagram Live Tuesdays at 7 pm EST, co-hosted by ParadigmShift’s in-house journalist, Kyle Mciver – gives a voice to the people. The show tackles personal and trending topics that affect everyone. The audience is encouraged to join in and be a part of the discussions in real-time.

Well the world is starting to open up again and Comedian Malcolm Hill is now being rewarded for all of his hard work. He has been booked and busy doing shows alongside Comedian Veterans like Bill Bellamy and Tony Roberts.

On July 25th Philly’s favorite Comedic host, Comedian Malcolm Hill,  will  be a part of the LAFF OUT LOUD SUNDAY’S at the MET Philly super star line up!! He will grace the stage alongside Comedic Superstars Affion Crockett, Carl Payne, and Capone!!! Affion Crockett is an American actor, writer, dancer and comedian. Affion has appeared in HBO Def Comedy Jam, Wild’n Out, Blackish, a Haunted House with Marlon Wayans and the Wedding Ringer with Kevin Hart. Capone, one of the New York Kings of Comedy, has performed with comedy greats, including Mike Epps, Tracey Morgan and Talent.  And we all know and love Carl Payne best known as Cole Brown on the sitcom” Martin”, and Cockroach on the “Cosby Show”. 

 Sunday July 25th don’t miss the rise another Philly Comedic Super Star, The Prince of Philly – Comedian Malcolm Hill!! This show will sell out, Get your tickets today!!!

LAFF OUT LOUD SUNDAY’S at the MET is brought to you by The Heavy Hittas of Comedy. Visit them online at heavyhittasofcomedy.com! It is worth noting that their last 2 shows sold out at the MET Philly!!


Media contact:
Jacqueline Hoskie

Meet Tamika Nicole Ryant, DA POET – Philly Style!!

Tamika Ryant is a slam poet/spoken word artist, turned author who lives in the heart of South Philly. She began her career at the legendary Laff House – Philly, opening up for Comedians greats like  Buck Wild, Spank, and Turae. She has also opened up for the ultra-talented, super funny B-Phlat!   Tamika spits from the heart, she reveals the rawness found in unapologetic emotion, the beauty in self-reflection and the true, transmutable energy of unfiltered expression. Her poems will engage, encourage and possibly even motivate your audience to agree out loud!!

Tamika has recently partnered with the Pray4Philly initiative that launches June 1st, 2021. The goal of the Pray4Philly initiative is to bring the community together in unification to work towards decreasing gun violence in the city of Philadelphia! Tamika will use her lyrical talents to speak the passion of the people as it relates to their pain, hurt, and need for healing – for hope.

Ms. Ryant has recently authored her first poetry book entitled, Poetry about Life, Love, & Other Shit. Her first-ever poetry book is a down-to-earth, personal journey through life’s pain and pleasures in a tell-it-like-it-is voice. The book transports readers on a journey through a range of emotions and is divided into three specific chapters: Love, Life and Other Shit, each with the ability to touch, amuse and entertain on various topics. Inside you will find something for everyone.

You heard it here first Beloveds, Tamika Ryant, like the Philly talents before her is destined for greatness. Click here to purchase her book, and experience her for yourself: Poetry About Life Love & Other Shit.

For bookings text Shine Lite at 215-260-9667.

The Rise of Comedian Malcolm Hill!!

The pandemic has proven to be difficult for many in the entertainment business — especially comedians who make their living performing live. As the old saying goes, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Well, that’s just what Philly’s Comedian Malcolm Hill did. When many people lost their jobs and the world shut down, Comedian Malcolm Hill created two Live Online shows ‘ The Hill-Arious Show & The Conversation!!!


The Hill-Arious show is co-hosted by Philly natives Nate, Ogbonna Hagins of the Legendary Philly Word Magazine, and producer Ron G. The show airs every Thursday at 7 pm EST. on FB Live @MalcolmHill. The Hill-Arious show not only gave Comedian Malcolm Hill a platform to keep in touch with his audience during the shutdown, but it also gave his fellow comedians nationwide a platform and voice to share how they were making out during the Covid-19 crisis. Whereas ‘The Hill-Arious Show’ gives a voice to comedians. The ‘The Conversation,’ which airs on Instagram Live Tuesdays at 7 pm EST, co-hosted by ParadigmShift’s in-house journalist, Kyle Mciver – gives a voice to the people. The show tackles personal and trending topics that affect everyone. The audience is encouraged to join in and be a part of the discussions in real-time.

As the world starts to open up again, we begin to see more events take place, and Comedian Malcolm Hill’s newfound celebrity is soaring. His schedule is, as they say in show biz, “booked solid!!” Along with the shows he does online twice a week, he hosts two weekly Karaoke shows in Philly and has been performing live at different comedy show events. Owing everything to the hustle, Malcolm’s hard work and perseverance are starting to pay off!! He announced this week on ‘The Conversation’ that he will be performing at the MET Philadelphia!!! “This is a big deal,” Malcolm says.

Malcolm has truly put in the hard work to elevate his career. Fortunately for us, we have an opportunity to see the results…LIVE!!

Here at ParadigmShift.blog, we are super proud of Comedian Malcolm Hill and have followed his elevation for years. Be sure to get your MET Philadelphia Ticket Today and witness the Rise of the Next Big Comedian coming out of Philly – Comedian Malcolm Hill!!


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Love & Hip Hop don’t have nothing on the Original black Hollywood!!! In the Memoir Cicely Tyson – JUST AS I AM, This Legend spills all the tea!! And the Tea is Piping Hot!!!! A real eye opener!!

Pic from :  Philadelphia Sun

Like many Americans, I was saddened by the passing away of one of black Hollywood’s legends, Cicely Tyson. When I found out how old she was when she took her last breath, I thought I’d read ( well, listen to her book, I love audible!) her Memoir. I wanted to learn how she was able to stay so healthy for so many years. As a nurse who works on a long-term care/rehab unit, I’m surrounded by people 40 to 7O+ years old, who suffer from diverse ailments. Many have dementia; some cannot walk or take care of their basic daily living activities.

To learn that this icon was still doing movies at 90, I wanted to learn her secret. In the  Cicely Tyson memoir – JUST AS AM – Sis, as her friends call her, gives us that and sooooooo much more. OMG, this lady has truly lived. I had no idea of how much drama surrounded her life. I listened to the book on audible, it’s 16 hours long and in her own voice at times – Trust me, you will not be able to stop listening.  

Now I’m not going to spoil the book for you, but did you know the Cicely Tyson was married to the legendary Miles Davis?! Yasss, they were one of the power couples in their time!

Miles Dewey Davis III ) was an American trumpeter, bandleader, and composer. He is among the most influential and acclaimed figures in the history of jazz and 20th-century music. Davis adopted a variety of musical directions in a five-decade career that kept him at the forefront of many major stylistic developments in jazz. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia/ Ruhlmann, William. “Miles Davis Biography”AllMusicArchived from the original on June 21, 2016. Retrieved June 16, 2016.)

In this Memoir, I was shocked at how transparent The queen was about their relationship; he was not very good to our Cicely. Again, I’m not going to give up all of the juicy details about the book, but dig this, Miles Davis died of HIV and was rumored to have had an affair with his male hairdresser…………while he was married to the Legendary Cicely Tyson!!! Listennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, Love and Hip Hop don’t have nothing on this Memoir!! You have to read or listen to it yourself, get it now!!!!


“Ways and Wonders of Black Women” : An Intergenerational Experience

Join us for an evening of ritual, panel discussion and healing work in celebration of Women’s History Month.

March 31st, 2021 7pm Est.

In honor of Women’s History Month, Join 5 Phenomenal women who life’s work is dedicated to healing our communities!!


This is a Free Virtual Event, Click here to Register: THE WAYS AND WONDERS OF BlACK WOMEN.

Thursday on the Hill- Arious Show – Special Guest Comedian Job Mixson!

Thursday on the The Hill-Arious Show, we have special guest, Comedian Job Mixson ! 

The Hill-Arious Show!!! 😎

Tune in every Thursday night at 7pm EST only on FB Live @malcolmhill 🤣

The Hill-Arious Show is Hosted by The #1 Comedic Host in Philly, The Prince of Philly – Comedian Malcolm Hill @comedianmalcolmhill !!

Co-Hosts: Nate 😁of @Platinum Touch Ent! 

Engineer: Ron G

You do not want to miss this show!!!

The Show features Raw and uncut interviews with seasoned comedians & other notable public figures. Comedians along with the Co-Hosts give there take on current events. 

On The Hill-Arious Show!!! 😎 You will not only be entertained but you will get a real glimpse behind the scenes in the comedy world with exclusive real stories that you will only hear here!

If you have a show idea or would like to be a guest on the show, click here: Comedian Malcolm Hill!!

Tonight on THE Conversation: Gun Violence! How do we save our youth? With Special Guest: Dr. Fatima Hafiz

Tonight on The Conversation:  Gun Violence! How do we  Reach  our youth? With Special Guest, Dr.  Fatima Hafiz, of the Tupac Shakur Foundation & The Tea Group. Www.teacupgroup.org

The Conversation is a new IG Live Special that airs every Tuesday  at 7pm EST  on IG live @comedianmalcolmhill !!

The Conversation is Hosted by Comedian Malcolm Hill @comedianmalcolmhill & PS PR Journalists, Kyle McIver @b_boy_scholar !

Comedian Malcolm Hill is The #1 Comedic Host in Philly and Co-Host of The Hill-Arious Show. 

Kyle McIver is the head in-house journalist of the Exclusive ParadigmShift PR group. 

THE CONVERSATION is presented by paradigmshft.blog, that covers serious  topics affecting our culture.  The goal of the show is to impact positive Change through real and raw conversations with an injection of humor!

The Conversation – Change starts with the conversation, Let’s talk about it!!