Spotlight on Unique Alternatives

Unique Alternatives is  a 501 C 3 organization specializing in building individuals, families, and community competency to empower change. Our mission is to deliver comprehensive programs, workshops and trainings that focus on empowerment, strength building, and independence.   We were established in 2006 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The heart of our organization aims to meet the needs of those less fortunate by developing cost effective programs, services, and workshops in the community.    All of our funding comes from donations, sponsorships, and fees for services.


Whatjsais is  proud of businesses that give back and support our community.  Unique Alternatives is one of those businesses.  So congrats to Unique Alternatives for a Job well done!  Because you care, lives have been changed…….Thank you.

Unique Alternatives is funded by the Comedy showcase, this is a comedy show that brings fun and laughter to all.  All proceeds from the show help support the programs of Unique Alternatives.  For more information about Unique Alternatives and the Comedy Showcase, please click on the link below:


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