Tonight on THE Conversation: Gun Violence! How do we save our youth? With Special Guest: Dr. Fatima Hafiz

Tonight on The Conversation:  Gun Violence! How do we  Reach  our youth? With Special Guest, Dr.  Fatima Hafiz, of the Tupac Shakur Foundation & The Tea Group.

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Family business is family business!! Check out how black men, in black media showed up for Kirk Franklin after his son tried to out him on social media. What are your thoughts? leave a comment, let’s talk about it.

Pedophiles in Hollywood YOUR TIME IS UP!! #JUSTICEFORRAZB

I’m so proud of Raz B for continuing to tell his truth about being molested. The men who he says raped him continue to make money in the industry!! Well, their days are numbered- TIME UP!!! If we demand justice for women who have been sexually violated, then we must do the same for our men!!

When another black male sexually assaults a black male, the shame is so devastating many victims never say anything. They will go to their graves, keeping the secret and consequently protecting the predator, which gives the predator a chance to continue hurting others. I believe that many young black men who are violated this way become gang bangers and killers. We wonder why it is so easy for a black man to kill another black man; I believe that some of them see the person who defiled them, and in others, they see the men that did not protect them – And as we all know, Hurt People – Hurt People!!!

No longer will we continue to re-victimize the victims, no longer will we allow sexual predators to hide behind the veil of the victim’s shame. What goes on in the dark always comes into the Light!!!


I want to say, Thank you to Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlock for giving RAZ B a platform to be free to tell his truth and encouraging him to stop protecting his rapists so that he can help other victims. When victims of such crimes feel comfortable telling their truth, I believe that these types of crimes will happen less often and that the victims of these crimes will get justice and get the help they need to heal.

The Bachelor’s Matt James Decision Examined

Matt James – Silly Rabbit, Tricks are for Kids!!

Let’s jump right into it. On the after show of the Bachelor it is revealed that Matt James and Rachel KirkConnell  are no longer together. Matt says he broke up with her because she “ …..did not understand his blackness”!  huh, mic drop!!

Matt, clearly bro, you don’t fully understand your “blackness”. How is it than in 2021 the first black man that goes on the bachelor, choose a woman who has proven to be racially insensitive, Over 2 beautiful black women.

 For those of you who are not aware, Rachel KirkConnel, the woman that Matt James chose to be his partner,   has pics of her  that surfaced at an antebellum Southern-themed party on social media. There were also allegations that she bullied some of her high school friends for dating black guys.

Well James clearly you don’t understand the impact that your choice had on black women and little black girls. Bro, you are on television, do you understand the powerful influence that the media has on all of us? But once again black women were made to feel devalued by a black man.  This is why you have black women with long blond hair and blue contact lenses, trying to be what they feel is attractive to black men.  Here was your chance to show love to the most disrespected women on the earth.  But you dropped the ball; And don’t tell me about your mission to find true love, you slept with three different women in three days. Matt, that is not what love looks like. Those women told you they had fallen in love with you, and you toyed with their emotions! In the end, you couldn’t even put a ring on it’!! Ef outta here!!! ……..Matt James, ……..silly rabbit, tricks are for kids!!!!

I want to say kudos to The Bachelorette for examining there racially insensitive history and doing what Matt  James couldn’t, by choosing a Michelle Young, a black woman,  to be the star of the shows 18th season!! I will be watching that show!!! Michelle Young is the runner-up in James Matt season of the bachelor.



Coach Hood, a Philly Native, is using his passion for basketball and North Philadelphian grit to make a serious, positive, impact with the youth in Arizona.  Coach Hood was once considered high-level talent as a high school basketball player in Philly, who was not only friends but teammates with the Legendary Kobe Bryant. He attributes a negative attitude in deferring his dream of becoming an NBA player. Coach Hood later played professional basketball abroad, as well as, helped mentor several players on their journey to the NBA and helped place numerous college athletes with professional teams overseas.

Here is Coach Hood with the late, great, Kobe Bryant. The two were best friends, and team mates in High School.

Today Coach Hood is not only a celebrated high School Coach but he is also the founder and head Coach of Team Rondae Hollis-Jefferson,  a AAU BASKETBALL CLUB based in the SOUTH PHOENIX COMMUNITY! He uses the life lessons he’s learned and his experiences to inspire and mentor his players.

The success of this basketball club is taking Arizona by storm! To date, it is the only program in AZ on the Prep Hoops Premier 32 Circuit- providing maximum exposure for local youths! Team Rondae Hollis-Jefferson Baskett Ball Club is also a flagship program of the Jr. NBA.

When asked about his success, coach hood simply states “Be Who You Needed When You Were Younger!”

Coach Hood goes on to say “As a Coach, it is my job to make sure the team wins on and off the court, in all areas of their lives.  Let’s face it, many of my players will not go to the NBA, but It is my goal that as many as possible at least go on to college and get an education. That’s why I’m happy to be on the Prep Hoops Premier 32 circuit, it will give my players a chance to be seen by top tier college coaches and increase their chances of not only going to college, but possibly receiving the much needed financial assistance required to pursue a higher education.”

 Listed below are just a couple of articles published about this North Philadelphian Native who has turned his passion into his legacy.

Erik Hood impacting lives of youth basketball players

TeamRHJ hoping to get Tucson’s best basketball players to stay in town


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The PS Conversation

The PS Conversation

The PS Conversation is a new IG Live Special that airs every Tuesday at 7pm EST only on IG live @comedianmalcolmhill !!

The Conversation is Hosted by Comedian Malcolm Hill @comedianmalcolmhill & PS PR Journalists, Kyle McIver @b_boy_scholar !

Comedian Malcolm Hill is The #1 Comedic Host in Philly and Co-Host of The Hill-Arious Show.

Kyle McIver is the head in-house journalist of the Exclusive ParadigmShift PR group.

THE CONVERSATION is presented by, that covers serious topics affecting our culture. The goal of the show is to impact positive Change through real and raw conversations with an injection of humor!

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The word Mindset, in many different forms (i.e. wealth mindset, scarcity mindset) has been trending online for a while now.  We asked Dr. Roberta Hoskie AKA Ms. Millionaire Mindset, what defines the “Ms. Millionaire Mindset”?

Here is her response:

“The definition of the ‘Ms. Millionaire Mindset” is the established attitude of faith held by women that there is an abundance of wealth in all areas life; health, family, mental, spiritual, and financial; and showing gratitude for them all. The understanding that wealth is given by a higher power. It is the opposite of the poverty mindset.”

“Dr. Roberta Hoskie goes on to say “You see life has its ebbs and flows, and let’s face it – many of us, including myself, have had to overcome some really serious struggles.  There are certain challenges that go along with being a black women in particular.  But those of us who have adopted, what I have coined the “Ms. Millionaire Mindset” understand that everything, the ups and down are all working toward our good.”

Dr. Roberta Hoskie is a Real Estate Mogul and the founder of the Ms. Millionaire Mindset Sisterhood. To learn more about the Ms. Millionaire Mindset Sisterhood visit

Chef Reeky, The People’s Chef, is recognized by The Philadelphia Inquirer for his vegan mac and cheese – The Article is Entitled – Where to get Vegan Mac and Cheese in Philly!!! Check it Out!!

Check it Out!! Read The entire Article here:

Check it Out!! Read The entire Article here:

Black Parade – Queens recognize Queens

On Juneteenth The Queen, Beyoncé, dropped the single “Black Parade”. Juneteenth which is celebrated annually on June 19th, is the holiday that commemorates the emancipation of those who had been enslaved in the United States.

How appropriate is it that Juneteenth would be recognized & celebrated now, at a time when A NEW AMERICA IS BEING BIRTHED, EMANCIPATED IF YOU WILL.  Yassssss!!  A “woke” America!!! An America that truly respects, embraces, and celebrates diversity!! An America that demands Justice for All!! An America that as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said in his last public speech, “….will live the true meaning of the founding fathers in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.”

As I listened to Black Parade I started to dance and tear up at the same time.  Black Parade will go down in history as the song that was the soundtrack to the birth of this “New America” that is in labor and delivery right now. This is why we love Beyoncé, this is why she is all of our Queen.

 And Queens recognize Queens.

In Black Parade Beyoncé references the Leader of the movement that is birthing this New America, this New World………….Queen Tamika D. Mallory!!! She says “Need another march, lemme call Tamika”! Tamika embodies the spirit of Malcolm & Martin. In my opinion, she has come to finish what Iconic Activist like Medgar Evers, Dr. Martin L. King Jr. & Malcolm X gave their lives to realize…..Equality & Justice for all, period! No negations………..because #blacklivesmatter to!!

I want to take this time to thank everyone who is marching and demanding Justice. It’s because of all of you that we will realize A brand new, better America/ World!!!  Change only comes when people become uncomfortable. A beautiful baby is born, only after a mother has gone through the miserable pain of child birth. And that is what America/the world is experiencing right now, labor pains. But because of you, A beautiful new world will be born.  Thank you.

Thank you Queen Tamika D. Mallory…….You are Changing the World!

Thank you Beyoncé, you have always used your gift of music and platform to inspire women and push the culture forward. Your music is your movement!!!

And thank you Tina Lawson , Queens Recognize Queens and Queen raise Queens!!!

Black Parade Download it now! on Tidal!!! Yassss!!!

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