Who can floss in a $2.98 dress or  pay $2.99 for a $100.00 Michael Kors purse?!  THE THRIFT STORE DIVA!

Meet Latonya, the THRIFT STORE DIVA!
Times are hard, money can be short, but that doesn’t have to stop you from looking great! Follow the THRIFT STORE DIVA as she brings you weekly deals from her favorite thrift stores and discount hang outs.

Happy What Did You Get From the Thrift Store Thursday! Today, I have a multi-colored “Baby Phat” romper which I plan to wear this weekend for only a whopping $2.98…so looking for something hot to wear to Soul Fest is the least of my worries…the hardest part now is selecting the right accessories for my Foxy Brown outfit. I also have a beautifully fit pair of light aqua jeans for $4.98 and a handcrafted bracelet and earring set for only $1.50 from the country store.


JSAIS: Balling on a budget ….I’m bout dat Life!

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